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Jazlynn says the darndest things…

My 5 year old and I are in the car heading home…

jazincarI glance back and notice Jazlynn has her feet extended up against the back of the passenger seat and not sitting upright in her booster seat.

I say, “Jazlynn, please sit up right because your seatbelt would not protect you in case of a car accident.” 

She responds, “Mom… do you remember when grandma and I were jumping waves at the beach and one made me flip over, but grandma was not flipped over?” 

Wondering where she’s going with this I respond, “Yes…” 

She says, “Well that’s because God was holding her in his arms, and so I KNOW if we got in an accident God would make sure to hold me and I will still be alive.” 

I smile in the rear view mirror and say, “Praise God for your faith in Him, but just sit up right just in case.” 

1 thought on “Jazlynn says the darndest things…”

  • Praise the Lord for his Wisdom, upon my Granddaughter!!!
    Glory to God…Jazzy you are a very Faithful young girl..I Love you and of course your Mami, my Daughter :)))

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