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Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

So there’s a bunch of controversy on this “bomber” cover and here’s what I think: 

BostonBomber      CharlesManson

  • It’s a magazine and their job is to make money so get over it. 
  • Is it true that the man on the cover is charged with killing and causing serious bodily and emotional harm to many? Yes.
  • Is this the first ‘murderer’ to be on the cover of Rolling Stone? No. (and in my opinion Charles Manson was way more sick in the head for how he committed his crimes).
  • Do you have to buy it? No. You know that whole freedom thing people have in our country… use it. Don’t like it, go ahead and DON’T buy it.
  • Tired of hearing about it? Don’t listen to the media – who all, by the way, talk about it to make money because YOU are listening.
  • Go read a book, or wait for their next issue. Write a song or a poem. But don’t complain because the marketing team at Rolling Stone Magazine is just glad that you are talking about it. They aren’t going to pull it off the shelves.
  • Before judging Rolling Stone Magazine, take note when reading ALL articles regarding Jahar. What words are they using to describe him? Does he also seem to be painted as a victim? What is the author trying to convey to you? Reading is entertainment – so enjoy it.

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