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My first (?) Lasagna

My first (?) Lasagna

Okay so let me clear up the title of this post. There is a question mark by “first” because I think I’ve made a lasagna before – no wait, I’m sure I did. I know I did at this pointas I type this, but I don’t feel like it should really count and here’s why.

I used a “lasagna in a box” product – Progresso Classic Lasagna. And to be honest it tasted really good, but it felt like I didn’t make it on my own – even if you gather a bunch of the ingredients separately.

So I’m a big kid now and I picked up some ricotta cheese and whole grain pasta (my way of sneaking something healthy in there) from the store. I already had everything else at home, but here‘s the recipe I kinda followed so you can see the rest of what is needed.

I say kinda because I honestly just checked out the ingredients and made it my way. If you’ve never made a lasagna, then you might want to read through it and then do it. But the best part about the link I shared from SimplyRecipes is that there are pictures for every major step.

lasagna1.jpg lasagna2.jpg lasagna3.jpg lasagna4.jpg Happy cooking friends 🙂


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