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pInspired #1

pInspired #1

I think we have all become Pinterest connoisseurs by now. We have hundreds of stuff saved for later to try, buy, make, do, etc. And no, I don’t mean the funny memes or quotes. But out of all those pins, how many have you actually done? Read about someone who actually started keeping a record two years ago (see Pinspiration below by my “other titles for this post” for more on her).

During my latest Pinterest fix, I was inspired to put some genuine effort in getting ready for work. This was partly because I’ve felt pretty lately and partly because I saw a pin with a (maternity) dress that looks like something I own. Note: I was not searching for maternity wear, and my dress is not a maternity dress though I suppose it could be if I wanted it to.

26680_XL 26679_XL

26682_XL 26681_XL

Here are the pins that inspired me (the images link to the pin on Pinterest).

I really like this pony style because it makes your hair look much longer. To get the look I curled a few sections with my wand before tying the ponies.

Other titles I considered for this post:

Pinspiration – but this is actually the title of a cool blog that you should check out. Based on my reading, Lizzy started her blog 2 years ago with a goal of completing over 400 pins she had accrued by then. 
Statigram stats on the hashtag #pinspiration shows over 7,000 posts. 
Pinspired – I Google’d this and found there is ANOTHER pinning site called I don’t know why this is a shock to me, but will someone please tell me which came first? Pinterest or Pinspire? 

I won’t be going as far as a challenge on my pin collection, but I will share any pins that inspired me on these random posts (and in this case OOTD).

Leave a comment with a link to any pinspiration you’ve shared on your blog!


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