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Up-cycle Your Memories

Up-cycle Your Memories

There’s this cute little dress Jazlynn wore frequently around the house when she was about 3 and I was always fond of it for a couple reasons. First, she looked so cute in it and its comfort allowed her to fall asleep in it all the time. Second, it had polka dots as part of the pattern.Β 

Items like these I store hoping to reuse for another child or just look at and remember how little Jazlynn was and how big and mature she’s getting. A really neat way to preserve these items is by giving them new life and craft things like quilts and rugs with the fabric.

Yesterday I did just that with the dress Jazlynn wore. I used an Ikea pillow (they sell different zipper cases and fabric for these) for the filling. I used my sewing machine to connect and close the collar, sleeves, and bottom. It was very easy.


She loved it!

Now go on… Up-cycle some memories!

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