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House Cleaning Schedule (Free Template Download)

House Cleaning Schedule (Free Template Download)

Last week, I shared my Erin Condren unboxing and this week I am sharing the House Cleaning Schedule I made with it. With Spring (and the inevitable Spring cleaning) just days away, I began using this schedule last week and it has been actually fun and refreshing to do my household tasks in this way. Yes, I just said cleaning was fun for me. 

Like many of us Pinterest lovers, I scoured the internet for house cleaning schedule templates that I could use. And there are actually many that look cute and have tasks laid out in an organized way, but there was one big problem. None of the templates I saw online worked for my two story townhouse and what I needed done. So in the end I had to make my own.

House Cleaning Schedule

Here’s how I figured out my house cleaning schedule:


  1. I wrote down all of the things that need to be done around the house on a daily basis and at least on a weekly basis.
  2. I grouped things together in ways that made sense for me and then made each group be a weekday.
  3. Lastly, I dedicated a page in my EC Planner to put the schedule in a colorful way. Have fun with this part, it makes a difference in your motivation to do those tasks!


Notice that I made a conscious effort to fit my tasks in 4 days so that I could use Friday as a catch up day. There is bound to be a day where you are caught up doing something else or you just don’t feel like doing THAT today. And that is totally okay!



Even though I know everyone’s cleaning tasks will vary, I still went ahead and made a downloadable template for you guys. All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll get the free download.



What do you use to keep your house organized?  

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