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Goodie Bag Idea that will delight a group of girls

Goodie Bag Idea that will delight a group of girls

I mentioned in a recent YouTube video that our daughter was turning 7. We planned to kidnap her from school and take her to the beach! Don’t worry it was field day and she didn’t miss much of actual school since it was the last day before Spring Break. And for her birthday celebration, we hosted her first slumber party. 

I am a big believe that birthday goodie bags do not have to have candy to be awesome! Today, I am sharing a little project I did as part of the goodie bags for the girls.

Personalized earrings goodie bag idea

Awesome Goodie Bag Idea!

I bought a pack of earrings from Target (on clearance!) and since there were just enough pairs for each one of her birthday guests. I just had the perfect goodie bag idea! These would be a perfect addition to their goodie bags.

I grabbed some scrapbooking card stock (scraps I always keep just in case) and cut them into 1½ inch by 1¾ inch cards. I noted in my infographic to cut them into squares, but I had a slightly longer edge so I can then cut them again with my ek tools™ scissors (product link at the end of this post) to give them a pretty edge.

I stamped each piece and wrote the names for each girl invited to Jazzy’s birthday party. Then I put each pair of earrings through the card. Each girl had a different colored earring and since they had their names on them I thought it would make each one of them feel special about their goodie bag gift.

Perfect Goodie Bag Gift for Girls

In addition to these personalized earrings, each guest received rubber bracelets, a mechanical pencil (with floral designs), a nail polish, a pair of socks (from Target’s dollar bins), a travel toothbrush & toothpaste set, a gel pen, and a chapstick.

I plan to share photos of the goodie bags and more on the decoration for the party in a later post, but I’m still working on getting those pictures together!

As a little girl or boy, what was your favorite part of birthday goodie bags when you went to a birthday party? 

Oh and here’s a link to the scissors I use in case you are interested:

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