Snapple “Real Fact” #760

I bet dolphins do this for survival, right?

Snapple cap, real fact 760

Snapple real fact 760

Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

I collect Snapple caps.

To view all the caps I’ve collected and posted so far, go to my Snapple Archives.

2 thoughts on “Snapple “Real Fact” #760

  1. Erin

    How neat! That’s awesome that you collect them. My husband and I used to collect them in college and tape them to his college dorm walls. Such fun!

    1. Zully HernandezZully Hernandez Post author

      Cool! I’ve considered displaying them in some way, but it would bug me that it isn’t totally in numbered order. Right now, they’re in a gallon-sized zip loc 🙂


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