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Zully Hernandez is a 20-something Latina mom who enjoys journaling on her blogs. Zully runs, her recipe and restaurant review blog as well as, which is her lifestyle blog where she shares about craft and DIY projects, parenting, health, and professional advice.

Travel to Kentucky and news!

Happy December ya’ll! 

I’m writing this from KY and so excited to announce some news on here (finally). 

Why am I in Kentucky?

My sister, who lives in Nicholasville, KY just had a baby (Nov. 29th)! I’m an auntie again and I am fully obsessed with the little queen. Her name is Ava Lynn 😍. We are here until tomorrow and it’s been an awesome trip thus far. 

Upcoming on Zullysworld

I’m waiting for a few products in the mail, including one from Sole Patches and I can’t wait to share about my trial with those in the next few weeks. 

Apartment building

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We are also moving into a new apartment this month (during the holidays, I know! 😏) and I’m really looking forward to really taking my time with the interior decorating. I fully intend on posting a few DIYs as I complete them. Feel free to link up with me on Pinterest ( to swap ideas and pins for inspiration! 

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