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New Weekly Planner Worksheet

New Weekly Planner Worksheet

When I plan to record a Plan with Me video for a specific week, I try to avoid making any notes on those planner pages until the camera is on. But that leaves me with no place to remind myself of what’s going on that particular week so I’ve made this template as a temporary place holder for all of those things. 

There are so many of us that record Plan with Me videos on YouTube and everyone has their own methods. I was always making short little notes and reminders on my phone, but that wasn’t very convenient when I wanted to record and transfer the information onto my planner.

The template is listed in my shop and I wanted to share that with you. Save yourself some time and download my PDF template today.

weekly planner worksheet

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  • Thanks for sharing. I have tried many times to do a weekly planner but feel like I get overwhelmed or bored. I may try to do this but just go 3 days at a time.

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