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Happy Friday | Life is about…

Happy Friday loves! So much has happened in the last month and I can’t wait to fill you all in. Our daughter had surgery – and everything went great thank God. In addition, I have been working on a relaunch of ZullysWorld which will be combining my food blog with this one on a whole new site.

I’m not yet ready to give more information other than I am working over the next couple of months to get everything set and plan to launch the new site on my birthday next year – Jan 7.

Life is about…

Life is all about loving God and loving others - simple as that.
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Everyone gets to the point in their life (or points) where you think, what is the purpose – what is life all about? The answer is simple, really. And if you do these two simple things the rest just comes easy – even during hard times it is easy. I promise!

Happy Friday! 

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  • I agree. Loving God and others is so important and if everyone did those two things the world would be a better place. I am glad your daughter’s surgery was a success!

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