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Wonder Woman Planner Sticker Kit

Wonder Woman Planner Sticker Kit

I made this Wonder Woman Planner Sticker Lot for her and thought I’d share the PDF on here for anyone who wants it.

Recently, I purchased an Erin Condren planner for my daughter. We got it half off at Staples since its already about halfway through the year. I’m a stationary addict and I figured this is something we can use to spend more quality time, which I love.


Girl with Erin Condren Horizontal planner

She really was excited to have her own kit for our first planning session.


Wonder Woman printable stickers
Click this image to view/download the PDF

The kit has a daily To Do box, which coincides with her chores, but can probably be used for any child. For the PDF I removed the dance class and numbers from the Summer Vacation countdown.

She wants a Hello Kitty theme next week, so stay tuned!

Click here or the image above to download the PDF 🙂

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