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Weird things that bother me (video)

I’ve had it on my To-Do list for a while to film a video about this topic – the weird things that bother me. Yesterday, I finally filmed that bad boy and it’s live on my channel (a new one btw).

Circuit training and less cardio

I just uploaded a new video for my New Year New Me progress update. Today is Day 37 of NYNM and I’m making some big changes to my workout routine. Watch the video to hear more about that.

Video of my ‘before’ body

Video of my ‘before’ body

Today is day 2 of my commitment to get ripped in 2015. This video is of what my body looks like now.

New Year New Me Day 1

My first video of a long-term commitment to resolution #3 (see my resolutions here).

NYC trip!

Click to view video. Here’s a short slideshow of our recent one day trip to New York… Actually is was more like 1/2 day! We had a perfect day, great weather, a stop at Tom’s Restaurant (Seinfeld).