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Painting some more

I am currently taking an Art Education course and there is so much to consider when teaching art to children. My favorite thing about art is that anyone can do it. 

I remember taking a drawing class in high school and I was so furious when I received a C because the art teacher didn’t think I was doing it ‘right’. It irked me so much. I complained because I really didn’t understand how the teacher could tell me that my work was only worthy of a C. Actually, it bothered me that there was any grading at all because it probably crushed someone else’s dreams, too.

I’m going to school because I want to be a teacher, but if I ever had the privilege to be an art teacher, it would be very hard for me to grade student works.

I realize that there may be different ways to create art (like using certain subjects or materials that are inappropriate). Recently, I saw a post on Reddit about someone (graffiti artist KATSU) who created a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg using feces. It was cool looking work, but just thinking what it was made from made me feel gross. But in the end, I have to respect what KATSU did and the effort it took because it is very interesting no matter what. On the other hand, people have done much worse than this.


My last painting was a bit more dramatic because it was painted during a time when I was upset about something going on in my life.

Today, I’m sharing a more positive piece that I recently listed in my Etsy shop. I have a couple more to finish, but I’ll share those when it is time.

Psalms 46:5

Psalms 46:5

God is within her,

She will not fail.

This scripture is so important to me. There is a lot in the bible about “man” and I get that we are to interpret man as mankind most of the time now, but when the bible refers to a woman and triumph at once, it makes me feel more like daddy’s girl (and by daddy I mean God). I have had rough days, and turn to Psalms 46 for encouragement because no matter what, things do get better and we are all living proof of that.

To view more photos, or purchase this piece from my Etsy shop, head over to Zee’s Nook.

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