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Breast Cancer Awareness Planner Stickers

Breast Cancer Awareness Planner Stickers

This year, an estimated 40,730* people will die of breast cancer. To put this number in perspective, consider that this is about how many people can be seated in the White Sox’s Cellular Field for a MLB game**. 

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while know that my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. And while I know that may increase my chance of eventually having breast cancer it is very important to also know that 85%*** of cases are from people who have no history of breast cancer in their family.

It is Breast Cancer Awareness and I think it is really important to talk about it because many people just don’t know these facts.

Breast Cancer Awareness Planner Stickers (PRINTABLE)

Click to visit this listing on Zee's Nook (my Etsy shop)
Click to visit this listing on Zee’s Nook (my Etsy shop)


I made a planner printable for the occasion and wanted to share the listing from my Etsy shop with you all.

See if you qualify for a free or low-cost mammogram by visiting or calling 800-CDC-INFO. 

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