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Trash and Payday Planner Stickers

I’ve been working to consistently add new items to my Etsy shop. Since the beginning, I’ve been posting items that I also would use personally, but I recently noticed there was a whole lot of things like Trash Day and Payday planner stickers, which I had yet to create on dedicated sheets.Β 

Trash and Payday Planner Stickers

Trash icon planner stickers
lol can you find the typo?
payday icon planner stickers
…yup, it’s here too

So now the store has both and I will be adding a lot more icon sheets, too. I have an ongoing list and so you will see me adding more and more of these as the weeks go by.

If there are any icon stickers you would love for me to create, please let me know so I can get moving on those!Β 

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