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Travel to Kentucky and news!

Happy December ya’ll! 

I’m writing this from KY and so excited to announce some news on here (finally). 

Why am I in Kentucky?

My sister, who lives in Nicholasville, KY just had a baby (Nov. 29th)! I’m an auntie again and I am fully obsessed with the little queen. Her name is Ava Lynn 😍. We are here until tomorrow and it’s been an awesome trip thus far. 

Upcoming on Zullysworld

I’m waiting for a few products in the mail, including one from Sole Patches and I can’t wait to share about my trial with those in the next few weeks. 

Apartment building
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We are also moving into a new apartment this month (during the holidays, I know! 😏) and I’m really looking forward to really taking my time with the interior decorating. I fully intend on posting a few DIYs as I complete them. Feel free to link up with me on Pinterest ( to swap ideas and pins for inspiration! 

With love, 


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