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Grilled Avocado

You know how you go on Pinterest and see an awesome Pin and then try to do it and it does NOT look at all like it no matter how carefully you followed the directions?

Alright, so here’s one of those rare times when it actually turned out amazeballs for me!

The recipe I wanted to make is here.

And here are my photos of how mine turned out 🙂 (oh and I left out the jalapeños)

IMAG4589 IMAG4591 IMAG4592

Blistered Tomatoes and Mushroom

Blistered Tomatoes and Mushroom

IMAG4595 IMAG4596

Grilled Avocado

Grilled Avocado

IMAG4598 IMAG4599

Besides looking so pretty – this avocado was delicious. I would definitely make it in place of a salad for guests any day. I’d put this on my “EASY” list – promise.

Do you have any recipes you tried to adopt from Pinterest, which did not turn out great? Share what you think went wrong. How about any that did turn out the way you wanted?

Daniel's Fast 20141

Daniel’s Fast 2014

Daniel's Fast 2014A Daniel’s Fast is something I’ve shared about before. It is basically a spiritual promise to refrain from consuming animal proteins, yeast products (bread), and desserts (like cake and candy) for 21 days (Daniel 10:3). It is a tradition for my church to participate in this type of fast as a congregation annually during the month of January. Some don’t participate, while others choose their sacrifices, like not watching television.

Last year, I blogged about my liquid only diet for part of the fast – I sacrificed solid foods. This year I just followed a traditional fast as I described above.

The hardest part about fasting for me is preparing non-fast meals for my husband and daughter throughout the 21 days. There is more opportunity for me to “cheat” or even accidentally eat something I shouldn’t. On the other hand, with all this brings more focus on my prayers and end goal for my fast.

So why fast? Many bring forth a request to God when fasting. You are praying about something specifically you would like Him to give you in exchange for your sacrifice. I DID NOT DO THAT THIS YEAR. I chose to fast just as a sacrifice for God. I found things in my life to thank God for each day – genuinely taking time in prayer to simply appreciate all I’ve already been blessed with.

Below is a gallery of some of my food throughout my fast for the past three weeks (some of which I actually shared here). I’ll be posting Here‘s how I made the Grilled Avocado soon.


My new favorite breakfast

I’ve been trying to lose 10 pounds for the last year. Then again, I haven’t really been trying so much as wishing the weight away. Many people tell me I look great the way I am, and though this may be true I still don’t feel as strong as I’ve ever been.

I’ve been exercising at least 20 minutes each day for the last week and it feels so good. But even with counting calories there has been NO weight difference yet! I’m hoping it’s muscle building, but it also just may be too soon to see a big difference.


I’ve been having this in the AM and love it – wheat flakes with fresh berries. With my regular cup of Joe, I’m still under 200 calories for breakfast and because I’m eating whole grain feel full longer.


Now if only I can control my portions during dinner time!

Happy New Year!