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Daniel’s Fast 2014

Daniel’s Fast 2014

Daniel's Fast 2014A Daniel’s Fast is something I’ve shared about before. It is basically a spiritual promise to refrain from consuming animal proteins, yeast products (bread), and desserts (like cake and candy) for 21 days (Daniel 10:3). It is a tradition for my church to participate in this type of fast as a congregation annually during the month of January. Some don’t participate, while others choose their sacrifices, like not watching television.

Last year, I blogged about my liquid only diet for part of the fast – I sacrificed solid foods. This year I just followed a traditional fast as I described above.

The hardest part about fasting for me is preparing non-fast meals for my husband and daughter throughout the 21 days. There is more opportunity for me to “cheat” or even accidentally eat something I shouldn’t. On the other hand, with all this brings more focus on my prayers and end goal for my fast.

So why fast? Many bring forth a request to God when fasting. You are praying about something specifically you would like Him to give you in exchange for your sacrifice. I DID NOT DO THAT THIS YEAR. I chose to fast just as a sacrifice for God. I found things in my life to thank God for each day – genuinely taking time in prayer to simply appreciate all I’ve already been blessed with.

Below is a gallery of some of my food throughout my fast for the past three weeks (some of which I actually shared here). I’ll be postingΒ Here‘s how I made the Grilled Avocado soon.

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