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We are all working towards something, a goal. I have recently shared mine of getting more for and becoming stronger.

You could be trying to finish school, getting your dream job, getting a great apartment, or even buying your first car.

Regardless of what drives you right now, there is ample of places for motivation. I’ve been using Noom and today’s challenge was to write what motivates me and place it somewhere I will see it to remind myself to keep going.

Here’s what I came up with:


The motivational quotes are from Pinterest and no matter what your goal is, you can put together your own. After choosing 6 quotes, I put them together with Photogrid (an Android app I use to create collages).

What goal are you working towards? What are the small steps you are taking to get there?


My new favorite breakfast

I’ve been trying to lose 10 pounds for the last year. Then again, I haven’t really been trying so much as wishing the weight away. Many people tell me I look great the way I am, and though this may be true I still don’t feel as strong as I’ve ever been.

I’ve been exercising at least 20 minutes each day for the last week and it feels so good. But even with counting calories there has been NO weight difference yet! I’m hoping it’s muscle building, but it also just may be too soon to see a big difference.


I’ve been having this in the AM and love it – wheat flakes with fresh berries. With my regular cup of Joe, I’m still under 200 calories for breakfast and because I’m eating whole grain feel full longer.


Now if only I can control my portions during dinner time!

Happy New Year!