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Perfect equals boring #motivationMonday

Being perfect should never be your goal. Think about it – if everything was perfect, your job, your bank account, your marriage, things would get very boring.

Work for it #motivationMonday

Things in life sure don’t come easy. Today’s motivation Monday quote is inspired by this and I think it’s very important. Don’t just wish for things to happen – work and make them happen!Β 

2016 is your year #motivationMonday

Happy Monday lovelies! I was doing Happy Friday quotes last year, but am moving them to Monday because #MotivationMonday πŸ˜‰

5 Healthy Things to do on New Year’s Eve

5 Healthy Things to do on New Year’s Eve

Yes, it’s a post on the upcoming new year. And yes, it’s something related to being healthy. But no, it’s not about being fit or starting a new fad diet. Today I’m sharing 5 healthy things you can do on New Year’s Eve.Β 

December Favorites

December Favorites

They say you should live life and make choices so you don’t have any regrets, but the truth is we’ve all got regrets. One of mine happens to be not getting into the Pinterest game early on – I missed a huge opportunity by not […]