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December Favorites

December Favorites

They say you should live life and make choices so you don’t have any regrets, but the truth is we’ve all got regrets. One of mine happens to be not getting into the Pinterest game early on – I missed a huge opportunity by not linking my blog posts way back when I was on Blogger logging my meals. 

In the past, I’ve shared a bit of my Pinterest inspired things – like this outfit and this gift for my daughter’s teacher. But what I haven’t done is shared my favorites as I find them, which is something I have been meaning to do.

So each month, I will share my favorite pins for the month. In an effort to Pinspire as well as share some cool links to sources you may miss in the Pinterest abyss.

Beauty + Fashion

I’ve already got another board JUST for nails, but it won’t hurt to share some of my favorite nail design pins on this month’s board.

december nails


If you aren’t already aware, I also have a food blog on which I love to share recipes – especially around the holidays. These are a few things I really want to try!



There are so many cool DIY ideas for the home on Pinterest. Sometimes you can find things to make without even needing to leave your home because the stuff you need are things you already have laying around.

december home decor

We’ve already done most of our Christmas decorations and I think I might share a little post on that so I can fill you in on where I get our stuff. I think the handprint snowmen ornament is especially cute! Imagine doing one each year as your kids grow!

Are there any categories you’d be interested for me to add to this list? 

We live and we learn. If you are already on the Pinterest bandwagon (and who isn’t by now, right?!), follow my boards by going here (or here for my food Pinterest). I do intend on adding more pins to this board throughout the month. I’d love to make it a shared board – let me know if you’re interested!

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