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A Glass Workout a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A Glass Workout a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


There are several Google Glass applications, called Glassware available for download at this time. Of the fitness apps available, I downloaded one, which is called LynxFit. LynxFit appealed to me because it allows you to subscribe to a specific work out type, and each day you schedule a work out you are coached through a work out. Each workout is usually different and focuses on the goals you set for yourself.


Now to be completely honest, I had a couple snafus. During the routine, I accidentally exited the Card for the Application and had to start it up again. Once I reloaded I can skip to the part I left off. It would be nice if it would ask me to “Continue”, or even warn me before exiting the routine and losing my data. Now I then thought I was good and done, but after logging in to my Dashboard on the site, I noticed there was no data on my workout πŸ™. It seems it never saved what I did. This is unfortunate and I’m hoping to figure out what went wrong. I will update if I get any feedback or solution.

Here’s a video from LynxFit and how it should work:

As you can see, the introduction to the app is very exciting and motivating. Unfortunately, I will have to wait and try again to know for sure if this is a winner. On the other hand, running with Glass was easy and comfortable. I thought they might bounce around, but they fit to form and I had no issue with keeping them on my face. It was nice to look up occasionally and check the time on my exercise.

Regardless, I’m excited to try new Glassware and workout with my Google Glass.

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